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Allocation of referrals to the appropriate police team or intelligence development and monitoring of the concern.


Contact the Triage Team directly by telephone: In some cases the significance or clarity of the information may be less clear; e. These factors make us want to respond quickly increasing the likelihood of us making assumptions and over simplifying things.

Initial strategy discussions for new referrals. Such parties offer substances and alcohol to young people, and may involve webcams to record and stream sexual acts. Information shared in respect of a risk to vulnerable adults will be shared under the auspices of the SET Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Guidance.

Court Orders and Police Powers. The HCO will concentrate their safeguarding and multi-agency working through focus on high risk victims and repeat victims of hate crimes.

Although certain prior convictions previously were not counted in the offender score or included in the criminal history pursuant to former versions of RCW 9.


This lack of regulation means such activities are often integrated into black markets and criminal activities including the exploitation of children.

For example, where drivers stand in for each other. There are some videos to help parents and carers to think through the difficulties of disclosure and the importance of passing concerns to the appropriate authorities and links to other sources of support and advice.

Inappropriate Relationship Model This usually involves one perpetrator who has inappropriate power or control over a young person, such as being physically older, stronger or wealthier or in a position of power e.

The Population explorer tool illustrates the key drivers of population change in New Zealand over a specified time period, both at a total New Zealand level and for specific territorial authorities.

Again, the industry often offers employment on a casual and temporary basis and a high priority is set on the privacy of guests.

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See notes following RCW Migration within NZ - Also called internal migration, this counts the number of people moving between areas of New Zealand. Will the police pass the information to other agencies? Effective date— 1st sp.

Clearly there are a wide variety of items that might give us cause for concern largely dependent on the specific context of the case.

Clearly, throughout the assessment process and whilst recording any information about the case it is important to bear in mind the need to treat sensitive information as confidential.

Where the child or young person has been subject to grooming strategies and especially if they have difficulties with attachment and self-esteem they may love and fear their abuser s.

It offers support, advice and raises the profile, provides updates, training, shares national developments, influences the development of national and local policy informed by practice.

If you believe there are other sources of vulnerability specific to the case make a note of these at the end of the intra-personal vulnerabilities checklist.

The police will then be in a position to make an informed judgement on risk and further contact.

Possession of items that give cause of concern without plausible explanation. Completion of background research for each referral. Short title— c 7: For example, they may initially present themselves as someone of a similar age who shares their interests.

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Payment apps for sex work
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